Meet our partners

As wealth managers, mapping a route through the ever-increasing complexity and uncertainty in the world will continue to be a central part of what UBS does. However, we must also recognise that as our customer’s world transforms, our ambitions must transcend the purely financial. So rather than just keeping up with the speed of change, now is our chance to set the pace. 

Working in partnership with innovative content partners including VICE, Vanity FairThe Future Laboratory and MonocleUNLIMITED will provide a completely fresh perspective on topics that are truly significant through our distinctively curious approach.


Working in partnership with innovative content partners including The Future Laboratory, Vanity Fair, VICE and Monocle, UNLIMITED provides a completely fresh perspective on topics that are truly significant through our distinctively curious approach.

Founding partner

UNLIMITED is about challenging perceptions and offering original opinion. The four partners have very different roles, bringing four very unique perspectives, creating a harmony that delivers a full spectrum of insight. Working together with these partners, UBS will continue its journey of investigation into tomorrow’s world; offering our view on how the resulting economics is changing our lives.


UNLIMITED wants to ask life’s big questions in order to spark debate around our changing perspectives and values. VICE Creative Studio exists to tell diverse stories about the modern world we live in through compelling, provocative content. Powered by UBS, together we can create truly original storytelling that challenges traditional notions of wealth, revealing new ideas on what it means to live a life with impactful purpose and meaningful legacy. Content that gets talked about.

From entertainment to world affairs, business to style, design to society, Vanity Fair is a cultural catalyst. Working with the very best contemporary writers and photographers, our magazine tackles the pressing issues of the day with insightful social commentary. We have therefore found a natural partner in UNLIMITED. Together we will provoke debate, illuminate the state of play and shape the conversations that matter most.

UNLIMITED. Boundless. Never-ending. This partnership is a natural home for The Future Laboratory’s motto (sapere aude, or ‘dare to know’), especially in a time of backlash culture, where audiences ‘delete’ brands that appear to desperately try to reach them. UNLIMITED gives all partners the ability to bring a genuine, long term point of view to the fore; to talk to audiences about what really matters and show unexpected connections and opportunities for future growth. We look forward to preparing audiences to take full advantage of what the future holds.

UNLIMITED is about answering life’s most fundamental questions in a genuinely original and disruptive way; bringing together a diverse group of partners to challenge conventional thinking. freuds’ heritage lies in forging unique, creative partnerships to change perceptions in a turbulent world, so this collaboration with UBS and the other UNLIMITED partners is a perfect forum for us.

One of the central aims of the UNLIMITED project is to challenge received wisdom regarding the nature of wealth and to question conventional notions of luxury, ownership and legacy. As a magazine that exists predominantly in print during a supposedly digital age, being counter-intuitive and reassessing prevailing opinions is part of Monocle’s DNA. UNLIMITED is therefore the perfect forum for all of us and UBS to explore new ways of understanding global trends and to redefine the debate surrounding the place of wealth in a changing world.