Didier Cuche: It’s not all downhill from here

Revered Ski Champ on Adjusting to Life on the Flat

There are few more inspiring sports videos than the portly-figure of Didier Cuche hurtling to victory in his final race to become the oldest skier to win a World Cup Alpine at the age of 37.

Now six years later, Cuche – famous for hitting speeds of 135 km/hr (83mph) on the slopes – explains how he has finally adapted to life in the slow lane.

Describing his last race, just days after announcing his retirement, he reflects: “I stood cooler at the start than ever before, because I knew that’s the right direction and the right decision.”

“Since then I’ve become a little bit different. You realise after retirement that the world is big and it’s not only about your little world.”

Didier Cuche, Zurich, 2017

A five-time record holder at the treacherous Hahnenkamm Downhill Kitzbühel, he chats with journalist James Allen about starting a family and marrying Manuela Fanconi as part of The Decision – an exclusive UBS series.

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