Investor watch: Is unpredictability the new normal?

A Brand New Era

UBS Investor Watch is the publication for people with seven-figure sums to save and invest. Based on the analysis of the views of investors across the world, these valuable insights shape its advice and helps people make better decisions to protect and grow their wealth.

It has contacted thousands of global millionaires, who say the world is more unpredictable than at any time in history.

UBS Investor Watch is an international study of people with more than $1m to save and invest.

The report sets out their views on the sources of unpredictability in 2017 and how individuals are responding to protect and grow their wealth.

They told UBS Investor Watch that:

  • We are living in the most unpredictable period in history, according to 82% of millionaires
  • Over three quarters think that emotions are now more important than facts in shaping public opinion
  • 68% are suffering from information overload when trying to make important decisions
  • These factors are having an impact on wealth – 72% fear short-term risks are distracting them from long-term financial planning
  • But despite this, 57% are still optimistic about reaching their long-term financial goals

Read the full study to understand the mindset of millionaires in seven different global markets, and see whether their insights can help shape your financial plans.