The futurist who believes we can cheat death

We ask Futurist Natasha Vita-More About Beating Biological Ageing

For as long as it’s existed, human life has been subordinate to the pressures of time. But what if we were able to throw off these constraints? In this UNLIMITED film, powered by UBS, we meet Natasha Vita-More, a futurist who believes that while our bodies have a “shelf life”, we can overcome this to defeat what she describes as the “disease” of biological ageing.

This train of thought has led to her creation of the Primo Postman – an award-winning design for a “whole body prosthetic”, a kind of ultra-durable, human-shaped robe-shell that could radically extend our brain capacity and lifespans and most readily brings to mind the Replicants of Blade Runner. However, Vita-More – who over the years has been attacked at tech and science conferences for her work – rejects the dystopian associations that ideas like immortality are often saddled with.

“‘Immortality’ means you are immortal, it’s almost like you’re a vampire – I’m not interested in that,” she laughs. “I’m interested in living a healthy, long life where I can contribute to my family and society in some meaningful way.”

For her, it’s less about some egomaniacal urge to “play god” and more a desire to “take ownership of her body” – taking the gift of life and making it last, in ways that would obliterate our current conceptions of love, reproduction, work, equality and time itself.

– Kev Kharas 

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