Looking for a better way of being human

Watch Futurist Author D.J. Maclennan Explain Why he Signed up to Have his Head Cryogenically Frozen

The Isle of Skye, a remote outpost in the Scottish Hebrides, is not known for its connections to any kind of future that humanity tends to dream about – in fact, it’s only connected to the mainland at all by bridge. And yet this is where the writer D.J. MacLennan has chosen to spend his days since he retired from a successful job as a partner in a construction company.

“It was quite a normal job,” he explains in this UNLIMITED film, powered by UBS. “It was going pretty well but my life felt incomplete. I lost track a little bit. I started reading books by various scientists and the possibilities fascinated me.”

The books he was reading were concerned with the subjects of life extension and immortality – specifically via the technique of cryonics. “It’s the science of preserving clinically dead people in the hope of bringing them back at some point in the future with nanotechnology,” he explains.

D.J. MacLennan roaming the Isle of Skye, a remote outpost in the Scottish Hebrides.

His fascination has led him to sign up for cryonic preservation himself – when he is declared legally dead by a doctor, his brain will be frozen and he will become what’s known in the field as a “neuro-patient”.

While he realises that the chances of the process being successful are slim, he hopes to be revived one day in a more nature-focused and egalitarian world – one where cryonic preservation is available not just to the wealthy, but to all.

“I’m not looking for flying cars. I’m looking for a different way of being human – a better way of being human.”