We started the UNLIMITED journey by asking the question ‘Does Wealth Make Us Rich Anymore?’. Over the course of six months we met fishermen and financiers, collectors and anarchists, craftsmen and programmers, foragers and scientists, writers and bankers, explorers and businessmen. Through these connections we explored wealth – from currency and possessions, to data and knowledge, community and caring, reputation and wisdom, to experience and legacy. One clear message emerged from the journey: the 21st century is witnessing a revolution of the material self.

A change for now or a change for good?

Each generation remakes the world according to its own values. This question examines how entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world are redefining measurements of success and value.

Live for tomorrow or live for today?

In the world of science, commerce and culture, projects increasingly stretch beyond a single life time. This question looks at how anticipating the future is helping to shape the present.

How is currency changing?

Advancements in financial technology have accelerated significantly over the past decade to radically disrupt traditional transaction models, empowering investors, consumers and entrepreneurs alike. This question looks at how currency is no longer controlled by a small number of people and it how in the future it is less likely to be stored in an underground vault.

Why own possessions?

In an ever-increasingly globalised marketplace, more consumers are choosing to relinquish control of their possessions in favour of sharing commodities like houses and cars. UBS explores the purpose driven economy and our partners examine the material self and the evolution of ownership.

What do we mean by wealth?

The way we define and display wealth is undergoing a radical change. Over the past 400 hundred years our approach to wealth has continuously changed. Today, wealth is often not tied to a specific location or geography. This question explores how wealth can mean so much more than money and UBS asks, what does rich even mean?